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our fab story

Kira’s Kouture Boutique was established in November 2012 by its Founder and Co-Owners Cynthia Green and Shakira Johnson. This dynamic Mother-Daughter team share a passion for empowering women to embrace and love every Kurve!


Kira’s Kouture Boutique originated as an elite accessory brand for women. Since 2012, K.K.B.
has been working diligently to provide exceptional customer service to its K.K.B. Queens
(customers) and high quality products. In 2017 K.K.B. was featured on the runway at Baltimore
Fashion week, it was then that the owners realized that they wanted to expand their brand and
begin designing stylish designs to house in their boutique. Our owners are committed to 

enhancing our K.K.B. Queen's wardrobes one Kouture item at a time!

Throughout the past 8 years K.K.B. has been featured on various runways in Baltimore, DC, Philly and Atlanta. Since 2015, K.K.B. has hosted its annual event “Land of Kouture” the ultimate
Fall Fashion Experience. Which is a fashion fundraiser to support survivors of Domestic
Violence and Sexual Assault.

As advocates for survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault a portion of our sales are
donated to local organizations in Maryland.

In February 2021 K.K.B. officially launched All Kurves Matter, a women’s organization designed
to empower and celebrate Kurve Queens. This is an online organization which currently has
members from various states including The DMV and Texas. All Kurves Matter has several
online platforms and our motto is “Whether you are a size 2 or 32 ALL KURVES MATTER”

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